International Business Summit in Oruro seeks to attract investors from the mining sector

December 11, 2023

The Ministry of Mining, in coordination with the Government of Oruro and the legal firm PPO Abogados is carrying out the first International Business and Investment Summit, with the objective of the sector exposing its potential to attract investments.

“On this occasion, the First International Business and Investment Summit of national scope is being held; which reinforces our shared commitment to promoting development, especially in the mining sector and thus promoting sustainable growth in the region,” Marcelino Quispe, Minister of Mining.

Likewise, Mr. Quispe pointed out that the summit is projected as a strategic space so that actors in the mining sector can discuss relevant aspects that allow the growth of mining activity, with contributions from the public and private sectors.

The Minister of Mining, the Governor of Oruro Jhony Vedia, the Managing Partner of the PPO firm Alejandro Pemintel among other authorities, join forces to make the mining activity of the department visible and encourage investors to set their sights on that sector.

Important leaders and businessmen who will promote investment development with a special emphasis on the mining sector in Oruro also participated in the event.

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