Peruvian Team

Luc Pigeon General Manager Cia Minera Eloro Peru S.A.C.

Luc Pigeon is the founder of Gateway Solutions S.A.C., and has been a resident of Peru since 2006. Mr. Pigeon is a Professional Geologist (P.Geo) registered in the Province of Quebec and a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument (“NI”)

43-101, and is the author of the La Victoria NI 43-101 Technical Report. He has been recently appointed General Manager of Eloro’s Peruvian subsidiary.

Marcelo Alvarez R. Chief Geologist

Marcelo Alvarez, is a geological engineer with 28 years of experience in mining exploration in several countries of South and Central America, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Nicaragua. He has worked for several mining companies as Head of Exploration. His specialties are epithermal media deposits and low Sulphidation, gold and copper porphyries, skarn and layer intrusion deposit. He has extensive knowledge in the modeling and evaluation of mineral resources. He has also been an environmental and mining consultant for different exploration companies in Ecuador.

Osvaldo Arce B. Geological Consultant

Dr. Osvaldo Arce Burgoa is a professional geological and mineral processing engineer with 26 years of experience. He received his B.Sc. In Geological Engineering from San Andres University, Bolivia and a Ph.D. Engineering degree from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. He is a former National Director of the Bolivian Geological Survey, and is Main Technical Advisor of the National Mining Corporation (COMIBOL). He is a respected published author on Andean geology and mineral deposits.

Jose Candia G. Geologist

José Candia Guevara is a geological engineer who graduated from the National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco, with extensive experience in geological exploration, mining and geotechnics. He has worked as a project geologist since 2008 and has worked in different mining and geotechnical companies. He completed his thesis on the Victoria Project. He is currently working for Eloro Peru.

Dennys Dueñas T. Geologist

Dueñas is a professional geologist in charge of the COMPANIA MINERA ELORO PERU S.A.C’s geological projects. With 7 years of experience in economic Geology, Geomechanics. Evaluation of Browfield - Greenfield Mining Projects and Management and Database Management - QaQc, with specialization studies in Geographic Information Systems Gis and Geological Modeling. Dueñas holds a Diploma in Exploration and Evaluation of Mining Projects and a Diploma in Project Management and Industrial Safety – Mining

Charles Fyfe A. Senior Business Advisor

Charles is a well-regarded Anglo-Peruvian financial and business consultant. Over the past 25 years he has worked extensively in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, corporate finance, brokerage, and financial restructuring for major Peruvian mining companies as well as the Peruvian subsidiaries of European banks. He was also Director of the Lima Stock Exchange. Charles is currently Deputy GM of Minera Antapite S.A.C., a Peruvian gold/silver producer.

Romulo Candia G. Sociologist, Community Relations

Romulo Candia is an Anthropologist, with experience in the resolution of socio-environmental conflicts, valuation of urban and rural properties with knowledge in Geographic Information Systems for the application in territorial planning strategies, with watershed approach, participatory validation and sustainable development. Candia holds a Diploma in Social Responsibility and Community Relations with specialization courses in geographic Information Systems, Design, Management and Project Management. He has extensive experience in private enterprise with specialization in community relations, land negotiation, cadastral identification of urban and rural lands, peasant and native communities, human settlements, and others that are involved in the execution of projects of diverse nature: miners, roads and energy.

Ana Moran Advisor, Community Relations

Ana Moran has a doctorate in jurisprudence from the Catholic University of Ecuador, a diploma in Public Contracting and Modernization of the State by the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Ecuador. She holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Social Policy Management from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences in Ecuador. Ana has worked as legal representative, lawyer and manager of several companies in Central and South America, performing negotiation and evaluation activities, management, management and planning. As an international consultant, Ana has significant experience and knowledge of the mining activity in the Latin American context. She knows legal frameworks in several countries, which has allowed her to negotiate with high authorities of national and local governments and with leaders of the private sector. Moran also has a long history in the application of the socio-environmental approach in productive activities. Moran has developed activities with the populations, directly and indirectly, involved enabling them to participate actively in the execution of social projects in their localities.

Greta Castillo M. Legal Advisor

Dr. Greta Castillo Mendoza is a lawyer, graduate of the University of Lima. She has a post-graduate degree in Mining and Environment at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences - UPC, as well as other postgraduate degrees in Foreign Trade, Corporate Governance and Carbon Bond Issue, Development and Independent exercise of Business Law and Business Management. Greta has been and is manager and director of national and foreign companies. Dr. Castillo has also collaborated with legislative initiatives and bills, as well as advising the Economic Commission of the Congress of the Republic. She has experience in negotiations with native communities and is an adviser to International Organizations.

Juan Villanueva R. Logistics Officer

Juan Villanueva has accounting studies at IPAE, in addition to having studied cooking and hospitality. His knowledge led him to work in important hotel companies such as Hotel Crillon. EL Pueblo and INKATERRA. Before being part of GS. Currently, Juan Villanueva has been working in the area of logistics and maintenance for some years. He knows Project La Victoria closely because in his beginnings (2010) he served as head chef in the project.

Meliza Ataucuri G. General Manager - Gateway Solutions, Sub-Manager Compania Minera Eloro Peru S.A.C

Meliza Ataucuri Garcia studied education with a mention in a foreign language at the Catholic University Sedes Sapientiae in Lima, Peru. After working in the administrative and educational field for 8 years, Meliza founded, together with Luc Pigeon, the mining consulting company Minera Gateway Solutions S.A.C. Being the general manager from the beginnings of GS in 2008 until today. Meliza has worked directly and indirectly in the La Victoria project since 2010. Being a Peruvian resident with experience in teaching, she knows firsthand what is happening in the country’s social situation.

Wanda Canre Mussolini Management Assistant, Eloro Peru Mining Company S.A.C

Wanda has worked for Gateway Solutions since 2015 in the area of accounting and as an assistant manager. She is about to complete her accounting studies.

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